Pidgin (Unix/Linux): How to change the language?

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Tue Jan 17 21:59:47 EST 2012

在 2012年1月17日 下午6:16,Hans Streibel <hans at> 写道:
> Is it possible to change Pidgin's language on Unix/Linux?
> I didn't find anything about this in the User Manual and FAQ
> (only instructions for Windows users).
> I am running Linux/Debian with an English locale
> but would like to run Pigdin in a different language.

Modify the command in pidgin's application laucher, add following in
the beginning

Or, you can run
$ env LC_MESSAGES=zh_CN.UTF-8 pidgin
directly in command line if you installed pidgin in standard place.

Replace the zh_CN.UTF-8 with your language.

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