AIM SSL Error?

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Jan 27 15:01:24 EST 2012

My feeling is that this is a misconfigured AIM server.  When I go to
this URL in a web browser:  Most of the time I
see the error "Method not allowed- POST method required," and that's
what I would expect.  Maybe maybe 1 out of 5 attempts I see the error
"Method not allowed - https request required," and that seems wrong to
me, because I AM using https.

I feel like there probably isn't anything we can do about this.  FYI I
believe this started happening Thursday at 11:45am PST.

I'm curious, do you see this error every single time you try to log in
(or every single time you try to load that URL)?  For me I'm usually
able to reconnect if I just try again.

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