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> I have 3 accounts set up to my pidgin. Hotmail, yahoo, and AIM. My
> Aim for the past 3 days just boots me off for no reason while my
> other accounts stay connected. I have the most up to date program in
> stalled and am running the 2.10.1 version. Today I deleted the
> program and reinstalled from your site to see if that fixed it but I
> was just booted again and it takes a couple of attempts to get it
> back online. Can you suggest a way to correct this? Maybe I can
> change some settings? 

Did you check the debug output/log output? In most cases its because
you lost connection to the server which is most likely due to network
issues on your side or issues at server side. Both nothing pidgin can
do anything about. 

Frank Lanitz <frank at>
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