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Sun Jan 29 10:05:43 EST 2012

Gerry Herder <claimer at> skreiv Sun, 29 Jan 2012 12:07:42 +0100

> Pidgin didn't work with the facebook chat and deleted ALL MY ICQ  
> CONTACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on my system both facebook and icq work perfectly.

> Thank you very much for this!!!!!!!!

if i had experienced problem in said areas i would not be thankful as you  
were, but wondered what might have caused them. afterwards i would use  
some time trying to express my observations with a list of what system  
components were used, including which operating system and its version  
number. of course it would also be necessary to tell which pidgin client  
version was affected. all in the hope that my problem(s) could get solved.


just my sentiment, too. people using their spare time to develop a free,  
world class multi-platform, multi-client im application supported by  
volunteers trying to give you all help possible if you'd ever get stuck  
with a technical problem. you only have to provide relevant information to  
get a proper answer.

i may add that this service is of course only provided 24/7 and only  

nerds, indeed.

:-) yslandro
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