Problem with double-click on window contact...

Mike Koos makoto092 at
Sat Jul 7 07:01:02 EDT 2012

On Sat, 07 Jul 2012 11:27:00 +0200
Antelox <antelox at> wrote:

> I updated Pidgin to 2.10.6 and I noted that in the window contact
> ( i.e. MSN contact ) I must click over 2 click to open window of
> buddy contact, I need a series of 3-4 click to open. In the early
> version it wasn't so. I noted that both Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7
> SP1.
> is this a possible "bug"?

Are you sure you're running Pidgin 2.10.6?  The issue with Buddy List entries requiring three clicks to open a new conversation window was something users were experiencing with version 2.10.5, and reportedly fixed for 2.10.6.
> Another thing: each time I update Pidgin I must re-install also
> Guification plugin because all themes disappear, such as [Default]
> theme, mini theme and Penguins theme.

Guifications is a third-party plugin, and not really supported here, but here's what they say about it:
"Why does Guifications disappear on WinPidgin upgrades?

This is a problem with the Pidgin installer. When you upgrade Pidgin with the installer, it removes the old installation, including everything in Pidgin's pixmaps directory and the directory Gufications' system-wide themes are stored in. This means that you will need to reinstall Guifications. You should be installing all themes to your user account's .purple/guifications/themes directory (generally %APPDATA%\.purple\guifications\themes, where %APPDATA% is an environment variable which automatically expands as appropriate on all modern Windows versions when used in Explorer's address bar or the Run box's entry area), so that they will not get removed during an upgrade"

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