MSN Account Inconsistency.

Rob Hillman orders at
Sun Jul 8 08:42:11 EDT 2012

I'll skip over the years and years of issues with the MSN protocol...

Currently, I have two MSN accounts logging in.  One is working 
relatively normally, while the other refuses to show -anyone- as online, 
and while I receive messages from them, they don't receive the messages 
I send back.  Sometimes, I get an autoresponse error stating that the 
message could not be sent for unknown reasons, and sometimes, it seems 
as if the message has gone through (but hasn't).

This behavior is new to 2.10.6, and I simply do not understand how one 
account can work properly, while another fails to function, despite 
having identical settings on the same IM client.

I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks!

-Rob Hillman

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