meebo bar chat connection with pidgin

Pasquale Porreca pask81 at
Thu Jul 19 17:44:51 EDT 2012


I know it is possible to connect to a meebo account on pidign choosing 
xmpp as account type and as server, anyway what I really want 
is to connect to aeriagames chat that is a service meebo provides to the 

I was able to connect to that chat on meebo messenger creating a 
connection that used my account id on aeriagames as username, as domain and my password on aeriagames as password.
Now since meebo is shutting down is messenger, but not the support to 
chat on partner site, I'm searching a different way to connect to 
aeriagames chat, since I'd like to use it also if I'm not on webpage.
Pidgin supports xmpp/jabber connection, so I hoped it could be possible 
to use it for my purpose, but I was not able to guess how to configure 
it to connect to aeriagames chat (it is really a meebo chat on aeriagames).

Hope someone have a clue on what I'm asking :S

Best regards

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