Question on minimizing / closing in Windows 7

Lynne Seamans Lynne.Seamans at
Tue Jul 31 11:41:00 EDT 2012

I could have sworn that it used to be, if I minimized pidgin, it went to my taskbar, but if I hit the "X" for close, it wound up in my systray.  That is the behavior I would prefer - and maybe I remember incorrectly, but that's what I do think used to happen.

Can't seem to get it back - Windows 7, pidgin 2.10.4

Now what happens is "minimize" goes to taskbar, and close, well, closes and I have to restart.  Can't get to tray at all, and in tools -> preferences -> "System Tray Icon", I have "Always" selected.

Thanks for any pointers

Lynne.Seamans at
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