char-x charx83 at
Thu Jun 14 13:44:27 EDT 2012

Hello supporters and developers of Pidgin,

I want to give a feedback I didn't find any function on the website,
because of this I am mailing here.

Pidgin is the best IM program, I ever saw. I use it every day to connect
wit Facebook and my own server. So I find this is a very great program.
But some users aren't able to use it very well because thei don't know
how to connect to e.g. XMPP-Servers. So my idea is: making files with
connection informations which have just to be loaded with Pidgin. My
programming skills are not good enough to make this, so I hope any
developer would create something like that. It would be very good for
getting more users.

greetings by char-x

(sorry for my bad english) 

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