XMPP Video/VoIP encrypted?

Werner Dittmann Werner.Dittmann at t-online.de
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Am 13.06.2012 17:35, schrieb Beeblebrox at cryptolab.net:
> Hi,
> i have a question about the encryption of VoIP and Video Chat. When i
> use the XMPP-protocol and communicate via pidgin is that communication
> encrypted?
> I read at wikipedia about ZRTP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZRTP)
> which is used by Jitsi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jitsi) an other
> Multi-Messenger.

AFAIK Pidgin does not support ZRTP for VoIP, neither VoIP via SIP nor
VoIP via XMPP.

ZRTP implementations are available for the following RTP stacks
- PJSIP: implements ZRTP as a transport on top of the UDP transport.
  PJSIP support "pluggable" transports. For example the Android CSipSimple
  uses this implementation.

- a GStreamer plugin that can be put between UDP sources and RTP sinks.
  No feedback about clients that use it currently.

- Implementation that links with GNU ccRTP (C++). Twinkle and SFL phone use
  it, maybe others as well. Twinkle is a bit outdated, SFL project is active
  and supported.

Thus VoIP clients (SIP or XMPP) that use one of the above basic stacks can be
enhanced to use ZRTP. A good ZRTP implementation needs some GUI support, for example
to show some small security data to the user.

A Java implementation is also available, used by Jitsi for example.

> Can you help me?
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