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David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sat Jun 16 06:53:41 EDT 2012

David Woolley wrote:

> anything fixed is for you to contribute the tested code yourself.  A 
> summary of the issue in your posting might also have given me a clue as 
> to why nothing had been done.

The ticket in question basically says that Pidgin doesn't provide enough 
information about an SSL certificate that has been rejected because of 
an incomplete trust chain to allow the user to work out which 
certificate is missing from the chain, and presumably try to source it 
from a trustworthy source.

I would speculate that it is not considered high priority because most 
people encountering the error would not have adequate understanding 
public key infrastructures to understand the information anyway.  I 
would suspect that many of would do what many people do on IE, when 
presented with a certificate error:  click the proceed anyway button.

Of those that did recognize the problem, and did not want to bypass the 
error, some would have the knowledge to resolve it from low level 
diagnostics, and the rest would probably ask on forums.

I suspect the number of people unable to proceed without the details, 
but who were able to add code to supply them, is rather small.

(If it is not clear, the ticket is not about accessing Yahoo.)
David Woolley
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