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Sun Jun 17 06:49:10 EDT 2012

Fluteman wrote:

> If anyone chooses to follow this, one caution:  the Certificate dialog 
> has a button called "Install Certificate...", so it is more than just a 
> display tool.  I presume it would copy the certificate into Windows 
> somewhere.  Doesn't seem to me a good idea to click that particular button.

That tool is basically how you would install any certificate other than 
one ultimately authenticated by Microsoft, e.g. intranet or extranet 
root certificates, email identities, etc.  It will give you options as 
to where in the Windows certificate store to save the certificate, 
depending on the uses associated with the certificate.

It is basically how you would install a privately self signed 
certificate into IE, other Windows browsers, and authenticode.

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