Understanding how Pidgin handles XMPP jingle

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Fri Jun 22 17:45:00 EDT 2012

Anurodh Pokharel wrote:
>  I am trying to add Jingle audio support to Monal, my iOS XMPP client 
> (Monal.im). I am trying to understand how pidgin (and I assume libpurple 
> in general) identify  a client as being XMPP capable. 
As there seems to have been no response yet, can I chip in to say that I 
don't understand the above.  Pidigin is a client, so talks to servers, 
not clients.  It know that they are XMPP capable because the user has 
configured it to say that they are XMPP capable.

David Woolley
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