Default smileys

Ethan Blanton elb at
Sat Jun 23 11:54:33 EDT 2012

Leona Klassen spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hi! The list of default smileys I see in my conversation window is not
> nearly as long as the list in the C drive ( C:\Program
> Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\emotes\default ). How can I see and use all
> the smileys in this longer list?

I'm not sure what exactly you mean, but I suspect it is related to the
meaning of that file.

The smiley theme description (the file you mention) contains emoticons
for *all* protocols that Pidgin knows about -- or at least all of the
protocols that the theme author mapped.  Any given protocol, therefore,
only uses a subset of the smileys in the theme.  The reason for this
is that those smileys are mapped by the individual client; when you
receive a colon-dash-right paren, Pidgin shows a smiley face to you.
When you send a smiley face, Pidgin sends colon-dash-right paren, and
the *other person's client* displays a smiley face.  Therefore, adding
smileys to your list won't help you much, because the other person
won't see them.

Some protocols (MSN Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, for example)
have an extensive list of emoticons, while others (AIM, XMPP) have
much shorter lists.  I suspect you're using a protocol with a shorter


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