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Sun Jun 24 07:50:17 EDT 2012

jon peterhouse wrote:

> somehow  chat messenger application has installed on my computer i would 
> like to remove it but as it is not a program it doesnt appear in 
> programs to remove.  how can it be removed without reformatting.  I am 
> relatively new so words of one syllable would help!

How does "chat messenger" related to "pidgin", except in as much as 
"chat messenger" might be used as a generic name for programs like MSN 
Messenger, AIM, and Pidgin.  If you have a program that is branding 
itself as "Chat Messenger", it isn't Pidgin, or it is a hacked version 
of Pidgin.

On Windows XP Pidgin does appear in Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs. 
  It will appear in a similar place on other versions of Windows.

A program is still a program, even if it doesn't appear there.

Pidgin does not install, unless you explicitly install it.  On Windows, 
at least, it installs in a way that makes it available to uninstall by 
the normal methods for the OS.  The only problem with uninstallation is 
that it must be completely stopped (use the system tray icon in Windows 
XP), but you still remove it using Add/Remove programs.

On the information provided, you need to go to a computer shop that 
provides virus removal services, as you have an unidentified, 
maliciously installed program and don't have the skills to disinfect the 

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