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I’ve found a outtake from the ICQ End User License Agreement

“You agree not to (1) create or use any software other than the Software provided by ICQ or by America Online, Inc., or any affiliate thereof, to enter your ICQ number and password or to access the ICQ Services, without the express written authorization of ICQ; (2) extract information from the ICQ Services, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, alter, duplicate, make copies, create derivative works from, distribute or provide others with the Software, the ICQ communications protocol or any information available on, derived or extracted from the ICQ Services, or any part thereof; (3) block, disable or otherwise affect any advertising, advertisement banner window, links to other sites and services, or other features that constitute an integral part of the Software and ICQ Services; (4) connect, use, attempt to connect or use in any way the ICQ Services, for any commercial purpose and any other purpose that is not for your private personal use in good faith and as explicitly offered on the ICQ Web site; and (5) incorporate, integrate or otherwise include the Software or any portion thereof (including the ICQ communications protocols) into any software, program or product that communicates, accesses, or otherwise connects with the ICQ Service or any other instant messaging, Internet, or online service.”

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Does this means that Pidgin is “ illegal “ and that ICQ can ban Pidgin users? Or is Pidgin a ( official ) exception and was approved by ICQ?
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