Strange errors and problems.

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Mar 14 00:16:02 EDT 2012

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 8:34 PM, Wilson Bradley <WilsonB at> wrote:
> IRC chat dialog box box to type is to thin and can not resize it. I can't
> see what Im typing. This doesn't happen if I chat directly with someone at
> that IRC channel.

Hmm, how thin is too thin?  It's supposed to resize automatically as
needed.  Is it thinner than a single line of text?  It sounds like
this is only happening with 1-on-1 IM conversations and not with
multi-user chat rooms?

> Also, it seems to crash when trying to use my google talk account. It keeps
> saying;
> Invalid XMPP ID

Sounds like your ID is invalid.  What are you entering into the
Username, Domain, and Resource fields?

> It switches to XMPP when I select Google Talk protocol.

This is normal.  Google Talk is basically the same thing as XMPP.

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