Pidgin 2.1.10 - message typing space is too narrow and not allowing me to expand - unable to see what I am typing

mohan mohan mohan.mohan at
Wed Mar 14 18:59:28 EDT 2012

on my laptop new version of pidgin got installed
*Pidgin 2.10.0*(libpurple 2.10.0)

Now in the chat window, the space I type in the message is not visible 
and also not allowing me to expand the typing in space.
When I try to expand the message typing space, the whole window is 
becoming big / small but not the message typing space.
I am unable to see what I am typing, only able to see it after pressing 
the enter to send the message.

Could you please suggest what I should do to see what I am typing.

Help is appreciated.

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