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Chris Hall hiro24 at
Fri Mar 16 10:17:35 EDT 2012


I was looking into Pidgin, and thinking of going back to it.  It's been a
couple years.  I've been using Digsby.  One of the features I've really
fallen in love with from them is the single sign on feature.. essentially,
when you install Digsby, you sign on with your "digsby" account.  All of
your saved account info, settings, themes, etc are then downloaded to the
new machine you are using, and there's no need to go about setting up
yahoo, ICQ, MSN, AOL, Facebook, GTalk, jabber, etc.. it's all ready to go.
 This is really useful for me as I have 3 - 4 machines I can float between.
 Sometimes I'll find myself temp. using a new machine.  Setting up all
those IM accounts again and again becomes a royal pain.  At any rate, I was
wondering if Pidgin had a feature similar to this.  If not, is it in the
works, or could it be suggested as a feature in upcoming releases?

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