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First please set up a test scenario that is consistent across all scenarios.

Your eagerness to get this resolved means to me you actually care about why its not working and that is a step in the right direction.

For starters, use the same cell number for all of your tests.  I would recommend creating a Google voice number.  This way you can expose the phone number to the mailing list or other testers without fear of sharing your personal cell number. 

Second, make sure your test scenarios are all vanilla.  By that I mean a fresh install of Pidgin with no extra accounts or plugins.  A live Linux CD (I would recommend ububtu) can have pidgin installed easily so this is a good baseline vanilla install that doesn't require a dedicated hard drive.  Then you can try wireless and wired and various hardware without much fuss. (Keep reading though because you may be over thinking this)

Although Ethan is correct (this is likely not a Pidgin issue) you may have better luck isolating the cause through tests described above.

Two more things....

If you are in the US, remember there is flooding on the east coast causing communication problems and bandwidth problem in the most unpredictable sorts of ways.

Lastly, SMS messaging has some drawbacks where messages never get delivered.  Make sure to do some research on this too, as it might be a symptom of the protocol rather than the client.

I for one have come up with many conspiracies when I can't figure out why something doesn't work.  Take my experience as advice and create test scenarios that are conclusive.  They will bring sanity to all parties in the end.


On Oct 31, 2012, at 11:39 PM, klein <klein at> wrote:

> On Wed, 2012-10-31 at 21:47 -0400, Ethan Blanton wrote:
>> klein spake unto us the following wisdom:
>>> there seems to be a bug when texting a cell phone from a computer that
>>> is connected to the Internet via wifi and pci, i tried connecting a
>>> linksys wifi usb adapter to another computer of mine and well that
>>> really don't work well.
>> This is just plain not true.  You're barking up the wrong tree.  I
>> don't know why your AIM SMS messaging isn't working, but wifi is not
>> even in the picture.
>> Ethan
> the first computer was a dell dimension 3000 linksys pci wifi ubuntu
> 8.04 32bit
> second was a dell dimension e510 linksys pci wifi ubuntu 10.04 32bit
> the third is a dell dimension 5100 intel pci wifi xubuntu 12.04 32bit
> i'm not sure what card the dell 1525 laptop has in it but in
> Virgina beach, Sheraton Hotel will send im to another computer but wont
> text a cell phone 
> Chambersburg, PA fairfield inn will send im to another computer but wont
> text a cell phone  
> ok so let say it is the wifi in the router it is a linksys running
> DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mega the router is the only thing i haven't
> changed out, but xp pro with aim software works lol 
> i also have about 10 computers connected with cat5 and they all with the
> same aim account will text a cell phone, after two years i have done
> just about everything i could to fix this even in the past used the
> ppa's the last post i forgot to attach the files i will this time,
> do you use ubuntu ?
> do you use a wifi pci card ? 
> just tried my wife's dell running win7 64bit pidgin and it texted her
> cell phone  
> you explain it to me because at this point i'm lost lol 
> <lspci dell.log>
> <xp pro purple-debug.log>
> <xubuntu 12.04 purple-debug.log>
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