Special Needs User Requires Help

cake at deliciouscake.me cake at deliciouscake.me
Fri Nov 9 15:02:32 EST 2012

Hi. I currently use Selenium to pull text from the internet and pass it through email. I would like to be able to integriate Pidgin with my script (written in Clojure) through an API or some other means. We have the script running on a server. I am not able to use the internet, only email through a special system. I'm not the programmer working on the script, just the end user.

I would like to be able to set up Pidgin to stay logged into all my IM accounts so that messages can harvested using Selenium or otherwise pulled to my script and passed in through my web-based email system. Two way functionality would be great but the most important thing is incoming messages.

If anyone out there is willing to help me on this project and provide me with some advice please email me at cake at deliciouscake.me

I am not able to view the mailing list so please email me directly.

Thank you.

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