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A smiley is a strange thing because it only works if it's installed on all

If you create/download some custom smileys, the only guarantee that they'll
appear the same on others is if they install the ones you are using.

Some protocols allow you to embed pictures into a message, which could
circumvent this limitation, but it's not as nice as clicking the smiley
dialog, and is protocol dependent.


On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Carolyn Smith <carsmith at> wrote:

>   Hi,
> I use pidgin at work to communicate with people on my team.  I have wanted
> to add some fun custom smileys for people to see while we work. I
> downloaded various types and nothing seems to work.
> I think they have to be .png so I made sure I downloaded that type. I can
> add them using manage custom smileys and when I use them, I can see
> them...but the people I send the pidgin to, just see a blank line.
> *Pidgin 2.10.6* (libpurple 2.10.6)  is the version I am using. Any help
> on this would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Carolyn Smith
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