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>First of all the obligatory (though entirely honest) gushing praise for
>product. You guys make my work so much easier, thank you.
>Now to get down to brass tacks: there are two, admittedly minor,
>that have been bugging me for ages, both regarding your tab system.
>1) I have a very narrow chat window and my open windows are listed at
>top of my window. This means that I usually have more tabs open than
>comfortably fit. Fortunately Pidgin crops those off the screen,
>allowing me
>to access them with either ctrl+tab or by clicking the tiny arrows left
>right of the visible tabs. This is pretty close to my ideal solution,
>allows easy access to out-of-sight tabs without distorting my chat
>too much. My problem is with the left and right arrow keys (as
>before, the ones to the left and right of the visible tabs), which
>the focus of my current window one tab to the left or right on click.
>makes absolutely no sense to me. If I wanted to shift focus from one
>visible tab to another I'd simply be clicking the other tab as it is
>more visible and easier to pinpoint than the tiny arrow. The arrow
>be shifting the entire selection of visible tabs. To illustrate:
>I'm talking to Hank, and at the top of my screen I see (all-caps = the
>with focus)
>If I want to talk to Jeff (who I know is in a tab to the right of Tom),
>naturally click >, which I presume will leave me with
>With either Don having focus or focus remaining on Hank, either makes
>degree of sense. I now have access to four more tabs, with a
>chance of locating and finding the person I'm looking for, all with a
>single click.
>Instead, Pidgin gives me
>Once again, if I wanted to talk to Jane, I'd be clicking Jane, instead
>finding the tiny little arrow button and clicking that. If I want to
>navigate to an invisible tab I have to click the button three more
>before finally having just one more tab appear. Slightly more ideal is
>clicking Tom and then clicking the arrow key, which still leaves me
>just one previously invisible tab and at least one superfluous click.
>In practice the lack of a practical tab searching system means I often
>switch back to my buddy list and finding a user there, even though I
>know I
>already have a conversation with that person open, simply because it's
>faster than ctrl+tabbing my way through 10+ tabs one by one.
>2) When I have a new message waiting for me in a tab, the tab title
>blue. When I open that tab and view the contents, the title switches
>to black. I love that. The simple and intuitive visualization is
>without being obtrusive. What I don't get is why that can't be
>for 'user is typing' and 'user has stopped typing'. Respectively, these
>states change the title color to yellow and green. However, if I click
>tab, thereby acknowledging the change in state, the title remains
>yellow or
>green! Only if the other user submits his message (turning the title
>does the system allow me to revert the message title to black. This
>wouldn't be a significant problem if all messages ever started were
>submitted within a reasonable time-frame. However, in my less than
>world users often start typing something, think better of it, and end
>responding hours later (if at all). This leaves me with a green/yellow
>warning title that constantly catches my eye and triggers a curious
>did I get a new message?' response without actually providing new info.
>In short; please revert the message title to black after I open a
>window in
>which a user is typing/has stopped typing.
>In conclusion: love you guys, great product, keep up the good work, and
>thanks in advance for anything you could do to help me out with my
>first world problems.
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