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Wed Sep 5 03:54:01 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Experimenting with roaming profile sync for applications over multiple
platform I've stumbled upon a "quirk" (not a bug technically) that is
preventing me from obtaining the desired results with Pidgin.

My setup

host 1
- Linux Debian Squeeze (xfce)
- DropBox ( ~/DropBox)
- Encfs (encfs ~/DropBox/INMTXX/encrypted ~/BoxCryptor)
- Pidgin (ln -s ~/BoxCryptor/profiles/.pidgin/accounts.xml

host 2
- Windows 7 x64
- DropBox (c:\Users\dar00st3r\Documents\DropBox)
- BoxCryptor (mounted c:\Users\dar00st3r\Documents\DropBox\INMTXX\encrypted
as z:)
- Pidgin (mklink C:\Users\dar00st3r\AppData\Roaming\.purple\accounts.xml

My Issue

When starting Pidgin (linux or windows) or adding a new account, the
accounts.xml seems to be overwritten by the application (it overwrites the
created symlink and replaces it by a hard copy of the file in the .purple
folder) instead of saving the changes to the linked file. This breaks the
sync process for this specific file and new accounts created in Pidgin are
not propagated to the other clients.

I'm almost sure this has nothing to do with Encfs, BoxCryptor or DropBox as
I've had the same behavior (linux and windows) while removing each element
out of the equation.
Also, using the exact same setup I have successfully synced Pidgin's "logs"
and "certificates" folders as well as the sitemanager.xml file for the
FileZilla application (which serves the same purpose than the accounts.xml
file in Pidgin).

My Question

1 - Is there a way to prevent this behavior and have Pidgin save the
accounts.xml file transparently without breaking symlinks?

Please don't hesitate to get back to me if you require more info.

Thanks in advance,



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