finch terminal emulation issue

Ravi Pina ravi at
Fri Sep 7 15:17:21 EDT 2012

I've been running finch without issues for years, however recently I
had to restart after a reboot of the remote host running FreeBSD 9.
Finch, unfortunately, is no longer correctly rendering as it had

Other apps like irssi and weechat seem to draw fine, but they also
don't appear to be as rich with curses.  I'm at a loss of what is
wrong so hopefully someone has a clue of what bone headed thing I did
and forgot about.

I'm using iTerm2 reporting as xterm, ssh'd to a host with finch
running in a screen.  I tried reporting as ansi, vt102, xterm,
xterm-color, and running in and out of the screen session.  

Running a local instance of finch in the same iTerm2 on localhost
renders correctly so I suspect something is broken on the remote
FreeBSD host.



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