Pidgin - AIM Connection Issue

Curtis McDonald bmw.m3.competition at
Mon Sep 17 10:35:51 EDT 2012


I am a long time Pidgin user. I used it back when it was known as GAIM and
it has served me well.

I am having an issue with connecting using AIM. I have an account which I
am trying to connect through a server that is not the default AIM server.
When I use Digsby, Trillian, or AIMs client, they all work fine. Pidgin
however does not. I get the error "Server closed the connection" which
takes approximately 30 seconds to appear.

Any ideas what might be wrong? I would much prefer to get this fixed so I
can use Pidgin as I prefer it to any other IM messenger...cause it's simply
the best.

If you need any further information, please let me know.

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