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Christopher Hebblethwaite chris.hebblethwaite at
Wed Sep 19 10:21:03 EDT 2012

We just moved to Windows 7 on one of our reference desk computers and I
notice that when a new chat session opens, the Pidgin chat window is hidden
(or minimized).  The Pidgin icon in the task bar flashes and we have Pidgin
setup to alert us with a sound so there are some flags that a new session
has come in.  In XP, the new chat window automatically appeared on top of
the other windows so it was very visible.  The flashing icon helps but we
are use to new session appearing "in our face" so to speak.

Is this change a function of how Windows 7 works and is there some way
people have figured out how to get new chat sessions to appear on top when
it comes in?  I haven't found any setting in Pidgin or Windows that help
with this.

Thanks for your help.


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