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Kathy Burris KathyBurris at
Thu Sep 27 15:02:08 EDT 2012


I'm trying to figure out how our staffpersons can immediately see a log of all conversations (or attempted conversations - that is, incoming questions from our patrons) upon logging into Pidgin at the beginning of their shifts.

If it matters, we currently login automatically - that is, we've set the system to remember our passwords to the 2 accounts we have connect via Pidgin - Library H3lp and a Gmail account.

When I right-click on each account in the Buddy List or open a new conversation window, I receive a message stating that no logs are available, though we each have all "log" boxes ticked in our Preferences dialog box.

We missed an important message Monday night and perhaps we might not have if the person who was on at that time could have instantly seen the night's log?

Thank you very much for whatever you can tell us!
Kathy Burris

Kathy Burris, M.L.I.S.   
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