Lucas Soltic lucas.soltic at orange.fr
Mon Apr 22 09:58:44 EDT 2013


Are there assumptions about when purple_find_conversation_with_account() can find a PurpleConversation and when it cannot?

I'm modifying the Jabber protocol implementation for a student project and I want to get the PurpleConversation corresponding to the currently sent/received instant message. When sending a message, I can indeed get the corresponding PurpleConversation through purple_find_conversation_with_account(), however when receiving a message, using the same function with the same parameters will always return NULL.

If it can helps, I'm working in libpurple/protocols/jabber/message.c and more precisely in jabber_message_send_im() (sending) and jabber_message_parse() (reception). In both cases I know the current PurpleConnection and the origin/target of the message.


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