tor/privacy (socks5) option giving ssl error

Ileana ileana at
Tue Apr 2 21:11:29 EDT 2013

From my basic understanding, a tor/privacy setting should ensure:

*no local dns lookups (perhaps as an options checkbox)
socks4 automatically does lookup at end...there is no option.
socks5 you have option for local or remote dns in the spec.  Most tor
users want remote, except in the case of TAILS a user might handle the
dns queeries locally(and then resolving them through for instance tor's
dns port).  I think the same side is to do them remotely.

*real ip address never gets sent out

*no other system information gets sent out(kernel version, uname,
os, etc)

*nothing that seems to be a unique identifier gets sent out upon
connect/reconnect. (i.e. ssl session ids, user agents/version, etc).

*timestamps all converted to utc

*any functionality such as dcc where there is a direct connection to
the other client should either be disabled or also insure real ip is
not leaked.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but I may have
missed something.

If you are a developer and can point me to a link to the code that
handles the proxy settings, I would take a further look.


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