pidgin autoconnecting--how to disable

Ileana ileana at
Tue Apr 2 23:18:09 EDT 2013

One other related issue to annonymity/privacy is I don't like how when
I start pidgin it starts to autoconnect to all my servers.

Is there somewhere I can disable this functionality, so that everytime
I start pidgin, it just comes up with the menu for which accounts I
want to enable, without the autoconnect.  In particular, for anon
irc/xmpp, I want to change the usernames before it starts connecting.

I know the TAILS team made some modification to turn this off, but I
would consider an actual button in the main menu an enhancement request
that I think even non-privacy minded people would like this simple
feature added.  What is the workaround to disable autoconnect?


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