pidgin autoconnecting--how to disable

Ileana ileana at
Tue Apr 2 23:43:42 EDT 2013

On Tue, 2 Apr 2013 23:29:31 -0400
Daniel Atallah <datallah at> wrote:

> > I correct myself.  I would suggest a button in each account menu,
> > "Auto-connect when Pidgin starts up?"
> >
> > If it is not selected, Pidgin passes over the account, and makes no
> > network activity related to the account.
> >  
> >> request that I think even non-privacy minded people would like this
> >> simple feature added.  What is the workaround to disable
> >> autoconnect?  
> You can choose a Startup Status in the preferences - if you set that
> to Offline, it won't connect on startup.
> There is also the -n argument that you can pass to the pidgin command
> to disable autologin for that instance.

Ha!  Thanks.  Both of these issues I was dealing with/annoyed for some
time, and they were already there.

However, I think other users also might expect to be able to put
"localhost" in the tor/privacy proxy settings, and may also have no
clue why its not working.  Not sure if that is enhancement or bug, but
it was annoying for me.  I can't think of any reason a user would want
dns for "localhost" to be proxied...


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