pidgin autoconnecting--how to disable

Ileana ileana at
Wed Apr 3 16:13:52 EDT 2013

> > However, I think other users also might expect to be able to put
> > "localhost" in the tor/privacy proxy settings, and may also have no
> > clue why its not working.  Not sure if that is enhancement or bug,
> > but it was annoying for me.  I can't think of any reason a user
> > would want dns for "localhost" to be proxied...
> The string needs to somehow be converted to an IP address.
> I'm not sure how appropriate it would be to put a special case in for
> "localhost", that'd only be a partial solution and seems like an ugly
> hack.
> I'd be interested to know what other applications have done for this
> issue.
Mozilla products have a screen which allows setting either socks4 or
socks5 proxy.  Whether to do remote dns is, unfortunately, a hidden
hard-to-find config option.  It should appear on that screen as a

There is a textbox, "No proxy for:" in which you list hostnames or ip
addresses that will not be proxied, dns or otherwise.  The default entry
in this text box is "localhost,".  This is particularly useful
if you want to connect to some server on the local area network, while
still using the proxy for all other connecctions.

This I think covers every use case scenario.  Ideally, I think you
would have the same menu in the global as well as per/account settings,
making slightly but not much more complicated then mozilla, which just
has the one pref screen per app.

The only instance I see of one wanting to proxy localhost or
would be if a server admin is connecting to his IRC (for instance) via
a ssh dynamic socks5 proxy.  he can ssh into the box, and specify
"localhost" for the irc server hostname, this would be sent over proxy,
and he would connect locally to the loopback adapter on the server.

I think that I would recommend a similar approach.  We might not be
thinking of every usecase, so might as well do this approach which
covers every scenario a user might want to do.  This setting should
still be available for the tor/privacy proxy as well.

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