Problem in Pidgin

David Woolley forums at
Thu Apr 4 03:37:02 EDT 2013

Asha Bhat wrote:
> I am facing problem in Pidgin everyday. Everytime I need to uninstall 
> and install pidgin instance.Kindly please look into this issue and let 
> me know what is the fix for this.

I presume that you feel the need to do this because something is going 
wrong.  To have any chance of anyone finding a solution, you need to 
provide as much information as possible about what is going wrong.  That 
will include exactly what you were trying to do at the time, error 
messages, and will probably include the contents of the debug window.

You also need to say which version you are using, and the environment in 
which you are using it, in particular which service(s) you are trying to 
use, possibly the OS, and anything about the way you connect to the 
internet that may impose restrictions.

David Woolley
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