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David Woolley forums at
Thu Apr 11 18:24:02 EDT 2013

Mark Doliner wrote:

> that isn't the case, though.  He seems like he may have recreated the
> images based on our originals.  I don't know whether this would be
> considered a derivative work.

I would be very surprised if this were not a copyright infringement. 
I'm not sure about US law, but it might come under the designs section 
of UK law, as well as being a derivative of the bitmap.

However, it is unlikely that anything will get done unless you add a 
copyvio tag to it to bring it to the attention of people who could 
override the author.

Questionable use of logos is very common on Wikipedia.  Normally, if 
challenged, people would try and claim US law fair usage, but I believe 
that would only be valid in the context of an article, not for a 
standalone image, and I'd also doubt one would get away with using it 
for vector image, when the original is bitmap.

As I understand it, fair use doesn't remove the original copyright and 

David Woolley
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