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Posting your response to the list.

You are very welcome Bruce, please post your progress, as your aggravations
with window placement are not uncommon, and your  persistence with the
Linux desktop for productivity is admirable.

On Apr 11, 2013 4:30 PM, "Bruce Holm" <bruce.holm at> wrote:

>  Hi Tres,
> Thanks for responding so quickly.
>    - I have tried the Message Notification options. What is strange is
>    that the Flash feature does not flash anything on Linux Mint. I think it
>    simply makes the task bar icon/button a mint green but no flashing.
>    - If I could control which monitor it shows up in, that would be
>    perfect. But it appears that it depends on where your cursor is at that
>    moment in time. If I'm working in the VM monitor the cursor being there
>    means Pidgin will open the conversation window in the same monitor. But
>    because of the full screen mode of the VM it's behind so I don't see it,
>    not even aware it is there.
>    - I am using VMware workstation. I think what you refer to is called
>    Unity mode. I haven't tried that much or at least enough to know if that
>    will make Pidgin windows show up. I suspect it will so I'll give that a go.
>    - Your final suggestion I'll discuss with more experienced Linux Mint
>    users to see if there is an option there.
> Thanks for your suggestions!!
> Bruce
> On 04/11/2013 01:02 PM, Tres Finocchiaro wrote:
> Bruce,
>    - Have you tried using the "Message Notification" options under
>    Plugins?
>       - It has an option to "Flash" the window, which should make a
>       blinking in your task bar.
>       - It also has an option to "Raise conversation window" which may
>       help.
>    - If Pidgin always displays its messages on the same screen as your
>    VM, have you considered moving the fullscreen VM to the opposing monitor?
>    - VirtualBox has a setting called "Seemless Mode" which allows
>    interaction with both native and VM desktops at the same time.  I know
>    you're not using VirtualBox, but VMware may have a similar feature (last I
>    checked it was for VMWare workstation only).
>    - Lastly, I remember in KDE 3.5, there were window hint settings that
>    allowed you to force the Window Manager match patterns and put a window
>    above all others, maximize, minimize, etc.  KDE 3.5 is long gone, however
>    Linux Mint varies in it's desktop manager so but investigation into similar
>    window hint settings may be a final option to investigate.
> On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Bruce Holm <bruce.holm at>wrote:
>>  I use two monitors. I run VMware in one window and set it to full screen
>> mode. I run Windows 7 Pro in that VM.
>> In the other monitor is my native OS (Linux/Mint). I run Pidgin 2.10.x in
>> Linux so it is in that monitor.
>> When I am working in the VM new conversation windows popup BEHIND the VM
>> so I am totally unaware they are there.
>> How can I prevent this?
>> One way would be to specify that all new window popups appear in the
>> Linux monitor.  But I find no such setting.
>> Another acceptible solution would be to somehow get that popup to pop in
>> front of the VM in full screen mode. That is probably not an option as it
>> would appear to be IN the VM not on top of it.
>> Please help me by offering a solution.
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