Adding sources/libraries to libpurple

Lucas Soltic lucas.soltic at
Mon Apr 15 08:08:02 EDT 2013


I'm working on libpurple for a student project and I want to add some more source files and dependencies to the final libpurple build. I'm not really used to autotools but from what I've read I should modify libpurple/, and more precisely the libpurple_la_SOURCES and libpurple_la_LIBADD variables.

However, re-running configure after saving the changes to will produce a libpurple/Makefile that does not include my modifications. Directly editing the Makefile allows me to build the project as I wish though, but re-running configure will erase my changes to the Makefile.

Could I get any pointer or explanation about what should be done to include my own sources/libraries to the libpurple build?


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