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please advise re:  security certificate  error warning as  follows:
AOL, my provider downloaded  software 'fixes' due to 100's of errors,  
particularly server errors.  AOL.Download package contained.   Bing, msm, as 
well as Internet explorer update from 9.7 to  10.    
Pute is humming and vibrating, including script hesitation/ and or   
missing scripts.
The certificate states (in order) from bottom to top) .  1/ Bing   2/ MSIT  
3/ Microsoft Internet Authority   4/ Baltimore  Trust Authority.  
Error warning was issued when the certificate pop up appeared with a   
(yellow ?).   it continued to warn
that the security certificate was 'Invalid'  or  Does not match  the name 
of the site.  
also: the webpages will not display since aol downloaded their  software. 
Originally, IE would not display.  ' Cannot display this page  '  
Navigation is always cancelled stating it  ' Cannot resolve address  '  
which was cancelled by Bing  which is connected with msn and  IE.  
NOTES also stated (with a yellow ? that was highlighted and next  to:  
Basic Constraints Subject Type= CA   followed with: ' The  Path Length 
Constraints is  0    (also highlighted with a  warning containing ' ? ' 
MSIT  Machiine authiority   CA 2   Ensures  Identity of Remote Access.
It was noted as an  ' offline signing.'  It is noted the  certificate is 
o.k.  /  dates are valid
I use the wizard for all my certificates , but only after I check  them.  
This particular cert pops up continuosly.
Thank-you for your assistance,
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