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Good morning,

On 18 April 2013 04:15, Mr. H.Ramclam <howardramclam at> wrote:

> please assist me in telling me  how to activate wecam on pidgin instant
> messenger
> It would be most helpful if you could define more clearly what you are
having problems with, specifying your operating system and version of
Pidgin is always helpful. Then perhaps stating where you are with the
application that you cannot next figure out what to do.

To activate the webcam during an conversation that supports it, you would
go to: "Conversation" menu -> "Media" -> "Video Call".

However Pidgin current only works with Video calls when using UNIX type
operating systems such as Linux. Also it currently can only be used with
the XMPP (Jabber/GoogleTalk) protocol.

Phil Hannent
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