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Sun Aug 4 19:33:24 EDT 2013

On 04/08/13 14:16, Дмитрий wrote:
> Здравствуйте!
> Пользуюсь Pidgin на Ubuntu давно, так это наиболее удобный клиент для
> общения в социальных сетях России (Odnoklassniki и Vkontakte) по
> протоколу XMPP. Но к концу августа VK отказывается от XMPP и полностью
> переходит на API. Можно ли сделать поддержку у Pidgina протокола API?
> --------
> Hello!
> I use Pidgin on Ubuntu for a long time, so it is most convenient for the
> customer social networking Russia (Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte) protocol
> XMPP. But by the end of August VK refuses XMPP and completely converted
> to the API.
> Is it possible to make support of Pidgina protocol API?

Where is API documented in sufficient detail to implement code for it? 
Alternatively, who is prepared reverse engineer the data on the wire?

(Note that API (also) has the, very general, meaning Application Program 
Interface), and, if it is being used with that meaning, it tells people 
nothing about what is needed to support VK.)

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