Can't add new account !

David Woolley forums at
Sun Aug 11 14:44:22 EDT 2013

On 11/08/13 19:13, Jimmy PerlPidgin wrote:
> I can't add an additional account into my Pidgin. The account that I'm
> attempting to add is and/or was originally an Msn Messenger >Windows
> Live Messenger > and now finally a Skype account, all the while was/is
> successfully associated with a Gmail. It still to this moment functions
> in Skype but I can't add it to Pidgin.
> Can anyone please advise ? Thanks

Use a service that has at least one of:

- a published (and accurate) protocol specification;
- a protocol that is not encrypted, so reverse engineering is possible;
- an API with licensing conditions that permit its use with software 
under the GPL licence.

Skype has none of these attributes, and will not be officially supported 
by Pidgin until this changes.

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