pidgin support - can not connect to the internet

Frank Lanitz frank at
Wed Aug 21 11:37:45 EDT 2013

Am 21.08.2013 13:28, schrieb Theo Goodman:
> Hi,
> OS windows 7
> I download the newest version of pidgin , and OTR plugin.
> It worked fine.
> Then if I restart my computer I can not connect to the internet.
> I had to do a system restore to a time before I had pidgin, then I could
> go online. That is what I didn then I re-installed pidgin. Now the problem
> is that there is no restore date where I dont have pidgin. I tried 2
> restores
> but they do not help. Not sure what to do.

Well.... I don't think an "original" pidgin would do that. There seems
to be some different issue.

What is your network connection saying? How did you check you connection
to internet?


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