help regarding my gtalk on pidgin

Dave Warren davew at
Fri Aug 23 16:06:21 EDT 2013

On 2013-08-23 02:40, David Woolley wrote:
> As I remember it, their T&Cs say that they will use various heuristics 
> to detect possible misuse, and country hopping is one of the factors 
> they will use.  The heuristics may well attempt to avoid false 
> positives from people who commonly do appear to be in two places at once. 

I can definitely confirm that this happens to me whenever I travel.

I live in Canada, when BeeJive moves their IM proxies or my mail server 
moves to a new IP, Google throws me warnings about my account possibly 
being compromised due to being accessed from different geographic 
regions. Once I confirm that it's me, their algorthims learn.

A similar thing happens when I travel, I was fine accessing my account 
from the UK and a few different cities in Germany, but when I was 
accessing my machine at home over a VPN and I tried to access my 
Calendar, Google again locked me out until I confirmed that all of the 
connections were legitimate -- In other words, travel was fine, but both 
traveling and accessing from home was suspicious.

It's been a couple trips since I've had more than a request to 
re-authenticate, so I suspect their algorthims have figured out that I 
travel and where I travel and that my normal access continues.

Dave Warren

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