Can not find 32 bit bonjour that installs on 64 bit windows so I can use bonjour with Pidgin

Mark A. Ristich maristich at
Sat Dec 7 14:14:41 EST 2013

I want to use Pidgin on my local network between windows, mac and Ubuntu


As pidgin supports Bonjour, this would be perfect, except that some of my
windows machines are 64 bit.


The advice to also install the 32 bit version of Bonjour is impossible to
follow, as the Apple site with Bonjour only has the single install file
which does not ask what version to install but simple installs as it sees


I did finally find a 32 bit bonjour.msi (via a download of FileMaker Pro -
which has separate 32 and 64 bit versions of bonjour included) but that
wouldn't install either (saying I need to install the 64 bit version).


I've seen various mentions that not 64 bit version of pidgin is needed, but
given that it is impossible to install a 32 bit of bonjour on a 64 bit
windows machine, I don't understand how to follow the advice given here.


So how do I manage to find a 32 bit version of bonjour to install on my 64
bit windows 7 machines so I can get pidgin to work with bonjour.


I've never used a forum or asked for help, so don't really understand the
protocol.  Hope this method works.


Thank you so much for your help,



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