Inconsistences with AIM buddy lists in Pidgin, Finch, and Trillian?

Ant ant at
Thu Dec 12 16:55:33 EST 2013


I have a weird issue since I use multiple IM clients and computers. I 
have a very old AIM buddy (mobile) that I see in one client, but not the 
other one. I do not log into IM servers at the same time.

Debian stable's Pidgin v2.10.6 and its Finch v2.10.6 installations does 
not see this AIM buddy at all. I tried forcing an AIM to him:
(06:01:44) Ant: Mawning dude. :)
(06:01:44) Unable to send message: Not logged in 

Both Trillian web ( and Trillian Astra 
v4.2 b29 Free in my very old, updated Windows XP Pro. SP3, see this AIM 
buddy though!

Why can't Pidgin and Finch see him when Trillian can? Thank you in 
advance. :)
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