Closing buddy list shuts down program ... ?

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Thu Dec 19 22:17:37 EST 2013


I've been using Pidgin since late 2009, version 2.6.4. 

I'm now using Windows 8 and version 2.10.7. 

As of last week, or so, whenever I would close the buddy window it would remain in the tray and any conversation window(s) open would remain open. 

Now, all of a sudden and without me futzing with settings or anything, whenever I close the buddy list window the entire program shuts down to the level that it's not even in Windows Task Manager. 

I'm not seeing any settings regarding this, and I haven't seen a reference to one in the faq or any other support page.... 

Have I done something and not realize it? 

Thanks for the help in fixing this! 

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