ICQ Chatrooms not possible?

Richard Stratmann Richard.Stratmann at gmx.net
Sun Dec 22 16:00:13 EST 2013

Hello all,

i ve got two general questions: when i am logged in over Pidgin to my 
ICQ UIN, first everything seems fine. I see my "Buddys" but i can not 
open a chatroom. I tried out first with the # and later without it, but 
both didn t work. Than i logged in to ICQ over my web Browser, with no 
problems. I go to the ICQ Chat sides in a room, and logged in with my 
registered nickname. I ve done this by typing /msg nickserv IDENTIFY 
<mypassword> -there in the browser. I was recognize with my nick, ok. 
For me it was confusing, that when i tried typing /list that i got an 
empty window.

That remebers me at my pidgin, where i have logged in with my ICQ UIN 
and where i got no roomlist. Also i can not open an existing chatroom 
with pidgin and my icq uin. Have registered for this test an own 
chatroom by chanserv. While in Pidgin not possible done this in the 
browser again.

So my first question is: is there anybody out there, who uses PIDGIN 
with his icq uin?!

During my tests i thought it seems that there is a problem with ssl over 
icq, am i right?! So, my second question is: are the following settings 
in pidgin right:
Server: slogin.icq.com
Port: 5190

I have installed Pidgin Version 2.10.7 on an Windows Vista Laptop.

For a way to solve this problem i would be very happy! Thanks ;-)


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