Pidgin icon in Ubuntu 12.10/Mint/Cinnamon fixed (at least for me!)

Dustin DeVries dustin.devries at
Fri Jan 18 12:10:40 EST 2013

For anyone having trouble with the Pidgin icon disappearing in Cinnamon in
the system tray, I was able to fix it using the following hack:

As root (or sudo) from a terminal window:

cd /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray/hicolor
mv 16x16 16x16old
ln -s 22x22 16x16

Then restart pidgin.

This essentially makes pidgin use the 22x22 icons instead of 16x16 icons.

I was suspicious that the icon size wasn't right for the container, and
that perhaps that was causing the image to get scrolled off the menu.  I
don't know if that's exactly the problem, but the status icon in the tray
does seem to move vertically over time and then eventually just disappears.
 By setting it to 22x22 (again at least for me, and I've verified this on
two different systems running Cinnamon), the icon stays put in the tray and
doesn't move around.

Hope this helps.
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