problems with MSN certificate chain

David Woolley forums at
Sat Jan 19 07:43:00 EST 2013

David Woolley wrote:

> There are still a lot of expired certificates.

A lot turns out to be two, the two that I sampled, both MSN related 
intermediate ones:

             Not After : Feb 19 18:24:53 2011 GMT

             Not After : Feb 19 18:24:53 2011 GMT

I may raise a bug report, but first I have to find out if I ever 
registered, and if so, what user name I used, or register again, so if 
someone has an account and can get in first, I'd appreciate it.

  for i in *.pem; do echo "$i: "; openssl x509 -text -in $i | grep 
After; done

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