no audio/video to gtalk on android only

Brian J. Murrell brian at
Mon Jan 21 07:27:20 EST 2013

I have pidgin 2.10.3 and have a number of XMPP/Jabber accounts including
some Google Talk accounts.  My wife also has a number of XMPP/Jabber
accounts including a Google Talk account.

My wife and I both have Android tablets also.

We seem to be able to use the Google accounts on those tablets to use
Google Talk and get both audio and video to each other.  We can both use
our XMPP/Jabber accounts on pidgin on our respective computers to get
audio/video.  We cannot however seem to get audio/video between the
above same GTalk and Jabber accounts.  The option for neither audio nor
video even shows up in the context menu for the Google accounts on Pidgin.

What makes this even more interesting is that if we sign into the web interface and use Google Talk from there using those same
accounts as we use on Android, Pidgin does see audio/video available.

So given that I looked to see what was different about the presence
messages on GTalk with and GTalk with Android and the only
difference was in the <caps:c> attribute where obviously the node= value
was different but the GTalk client sent the following in the
ext= value:

ext='pmuc-v1 sms-v1 camera-v1 video-v1 voice-v1'

and the Android GTalk client sent:

ext='pmuc-v1 voice-v1 video-v1 camera-v1'

for the same key.

But it would seem strange that "sms-v1" value in that key would be
causing the problem here since it shouldn't really have anything to do
with audio/video, yes?

Any ideas why Gtalk on is flagging to Pidgin that it can do
audio/video but Gtalk on Android is not?


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